The Path
to a Sustainable Future

INtraGREEN operates globally and invests into diversified portfolios and into listed, as well as unlisted, early-stage greentech companies, that can benefit society. It is important to us that our portfolio companies create sustainable value, make a positive contribution to the world, and lead the way in terms of diversity.

At INtraGREEN we are on a mission to fundamentally improve the world by investing in new companies that, beside having green sustainable solutions, are also focused on solving important social and economic issues as part of our commitment to create long-term value.


INtraGREEN will invest in companies that develop solutions which can decisively improve the use of natural resources and reduce negative ecological impacts. This can involve, for example, investments in renewable energy, energy storage, water and agricultural technology.


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We have been hard at work producing our new 28 page brochure ”The Path to a Sustainable Future” that explains in greater detail who we are and also what our 6% p.a. investment opportunity is all about.

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