Exciting New Investments

At INtraGREEN, we are excited about investing in companies that are leaders in innovation and diversity. Here are some of the businesses we are happy to be investors in.

Agility for Wind & Solar Sources and Reliability for Traders

Sirocco optimize results using specific information from each location plus the use of NWP (Numerical Weather Models) and deliver forecasts through the customer's preferred channels, without the need of downloading any software or installing any hardware. Their founding partners MeteoRed and Vortex have over 30 years of international experience in over 70 countries worldwide and more than 10.000 clients, this gives Sirocco the credentials to be a pioneer in forecasting.


Makes being vegan as easy, accessible, and healthy as possible

The founders started to think — “How can I get everything I need as a vegan in just one pill a day without generating more waste?” Nothing was out there — so they decided to create it themselves. An all-in-one pill that was good for both vegans and the planet. They assembled a team of leading plant-based nutrition experts, consulted with leaders in sustainable packaging, and a year and a half later Terraseed Multivitamin for Vegans was introduced to the world. Terraseed Multivitamin is the world's first all-in-one Multivitamin to use entirely biodegradable packaging.

Tackling Urban Pollution through smart Green Tech products

USB Grow Light Lamp

If your plant doesn’t get enough sunlight, they have got you covered. Urbie added a built-in USB port to Urbie Air that can be used to plugin a UV Grow Light lamp! This works perfectly well for people who want to place an additional air purifier in their basements, while still benefiting from having a plant.


Greater efficiency, lower total cost of ownership and greater range, reliability and durability

Zhyphen is a UK Energy Storage Systems (ESS) manufacturer for smart energy and grid solutions based on battery storage. They offer full turn key solutions with Zhyphen proprietary software & unique modular hardware. They provide innovative high quality ESS for harvesting and storing free low carbon renewable energy. Their technology can be applied to almost limitless applications from small 50w Mobile Units to our Mini-Grid Systems and beyond.

We Can Invest in You!

If you have an exciting green, ethical, innovative project that you think will make a difference to the world we live in, then get in touch with us and we will be happy to take a look at your new business venture for our consideration.