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We have established INtraGREEN in new offices based in London. We will however operate multi-nationally, with a specialism in Europe. As a group, we already have a numberof offices and staff based in various European countries including Luxembourg, Austria and Denmark.

Meet the INtraGREEN Team

The INtraGREEN Team is a highly dedicated group of professionals with decades of experience from the legal field, finance, blockchain technology and payment solutions industries. Our team has been working tirelessly over the past 2 years to develop, build and perfect our technologies through our product lines. Creating an eco-system of financial technology products and structure that work hand in hand bringing solutions to a modern money market.

With our experienced team we will drive forward the aspirations, goals, milestones and market of INtraGREEN and our portfolio of products. We maintain a transparent and open approach with our investors and clients.


Thomas Sand



As CEO of SoEasyPay amongst other companies, Mr. Sand has 18+ years of experience, on management level in the Payment industry and is responsible for nurturing commercial relationships, developing core products, maintaining infrastructure and driving revenues to deliver the business plan. Mr. Sand holds a degree from Copenhagen Business School and is currently a board member of several companies, including IATA‘s think tank and advisor to the Royal British Legion.


Michael Jakobsen


Investor Relations and Legal

Mr. Jakobsen has worked with legal, IT, financing and start-up companies for the last 30 years. He has also worked in bond issuing for several years. Mr. Jakobsen holds a Master of Law degree, a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, and a Bachelor's degree in Communication.